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  • Develop a personal timetable aside that of your school’s
  • Ensure you include play time, rest time, etc.
  • Maintain the discipline to use the ‘STUDY TIME’ (within your personal timetable) for studying and keep within your allotted time.
  • Develop your ‘STUDY TIME’ time table for daily study of various subjects.
  • Give more time to your most challenging subjects/courses
  • For each study time, prepare the materials for the topic(s) in advance
  • For each study time, split the session into three portions
  • They don’t need to be equal portions

Example: Like a 1- hour session for a topic of a course

1st portion2nd Portion3rd Portion
10 minutes30 minutes20 minutes
Read through question without solving themStudy the contents – no distractions – complete focusSolve the questions
  • You can use an alarm to help you be disciplined to switch to the next portion when the time is due
  • STOP studying! ……when your study time is up…… this will engage your brain in the diffuse mode for appropriate correlation
  • REPEAT STUDIES at a later time to deepen memory
  • BE CONSISTENT with daily studies…….doing bits consistently is the trick. You’ll achieve so much with practically little effort.


…..and there! …we have the foundation set for anything that can be learned.

Yes anything that can be learned… math, science, languages, sports, musical instruments, law…. do you want to learn it? It works!

Shall we dine now? I hope you’re up for the buffet!

Numeracy masteryYour subjects
Phonetics Mastery (of language of instruction)
Root & History of Words (of language of instruction
Critical Thinking

The non-academic teaching/training will assume a parallel system

Related Mensuration MasteryYour Training Interests
Relevant Lingua Mastery
Critical Thinking

I suppose you agree this is a really BIG buffet….. don’t worry, we have great patience. Our patience is a huge factor in our success with our students. Just relax and enjoy every bit of it.

…yes, do you see how enjoyable true learning really is?

Take your time super genius. Don’t let the excitement from your amazing progress make you rush things. We are not here to just make you get things done but to make you truly excellent at it.

…aha, gain more territory …keep enjoying the buffet…. the dessert awaits patiently


Well, it is a double, if you still have room for it super genius!

In summary, teach someone else & produce something impactful (with mini project).

Remember the timeless facts during the time transitioning from the beginning?

Bravo bravo bravo well done genius… well done!!!

It is now time to make the world a better place with your unearthed super mind… are you ready?

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