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The purpose of this system is to diminish the coin circulating in the market. The scarcity will raise the STN price in the market. appears to be a scam – similar to many other crypto lending platforms on the market today.

By diversifying your portfolio and spreading it over a number of platforms, you reduce risk and can anticipate better results in the long run. Steneum is going to launch their new cryptocurrency and lending platform, initially they will be launching their ICO. Steneum is seeming tied to which will be an exchange for cryptocurrencies. Fees generated on the exchange will be used to pay lenders on the Steneum platform.

Many investors are currently unable to deposit or withdraw money from the platform. Like Bitconnect, it’s unclear who you’re lending to, or who’s willing to pay such enormous APRs for a loan. Obviously, returns of 1% per day are unheard of in the investment world.


Some people out there are calling ICO’s scams but we all know that’s not true. Steneum ICO popped up and people seem to be really excited about this one. When the Lending contract is completed you can withdraw Steneum or renew your contract at will. Report to moderator Unlike traditional banking where clients have only a few account numbers, with Bitcoin people can create an unlimited number of accounts . This can be used to easily track payments, and it improves anonymity.

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Specifically, Steneum promises to pay users 1% ROI per day, every day, with no work or risk involved whatsoever. Steneum is a Coin similar to Bitcoin with P2P transaction based on an open source platform. What’s very cool is that the number of coins will NOT exceed the number of coins in public.

  • By diversifying your portfolio and spreading it over a number of platforms, you reduce risk and can anticipate better results in the long run.
  • Report to moderator Unlike traditional banking where clients have only a few account numbers, with Bitcoin people can create an unlimited number of accounts .
  • The POW block reward is 25 STN and time between rewards is 300 seconds.

In return the commission of each coin will come from a trusted source. When you do this all the coins will be stored in the Birsten market and will not be traded. Lets say you lend 1,000 STN during the contract period.

About STN

steneum will also be used for payment of trading fees in the Bitsten exchange market. However, to speed up the transaction, you can set higher fee in the Steneum Wallet. Steneum is a coin to support Bitsten exchange project.


To participate in this investing scheme, you’ll need to give Steneum a bunch of money. The company requires you to lend 1000 tokens, then receive 1000 tokens back at some point in the future. Along the way, your 1% daily interest returns will be deposited directly into your wallet. This is without a doubt the most inexpensive ICO prices we’ve seen to date. Steneum will be used in bitsten market as currency or tool to pay transaction fee.

You can only do your research and invest in what you believe has real world value in the future. However I must say that Steneum has become my favorite out of the three! What I really like about Steneum is that it does not use fiat like US dollars for its lending program.

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This scarcity will significantly escalate STN price. The fewer coin circulate the more price increasing will happen. The amount of coin in lending program will not exceed the number of coins in plubic and the commissin of each coin comes from clearly trusted source. Steneum has a small roadmap posted on their official website.

We are opening a great opportunity for you to get 10% affiliate with 5 level referral ico purchase which can be withdrawn anytime within BTC or ETH. Each member has the opportunity to contribute early on taking the ICO opportunities we have prepared through our website and several Partner Exchangers. The storage server is decentralized and distributed-divided into various servers run by each user connected to the network. That’s not a good start for a company that many people have already labeled as a scam. Steneum also hasn’t released their mining wallet or Windows wallet.

January 2018 will have the release of the windows wallet, mining and the coin will be available for local exchange. February 2018 sees the release of the lending program and the addition of the global exchange. For example, 20 million of STN supply has been circulated with 8 million of them in public and 5 million coins on Lending. It means that the coin circulation on exchange is 3 million.

I will be striving to find out more about this company. As you can see Steneum is aiming toward January 1st, 2018 to go live with mining. If you have mining equipment at home they will be using the scrypto algorithm. Whether a company is located in Indonesia like Steneum or some place it’s equally important to do your homework. Just in the past few days some really solid ICO’s have come across my desk like Goldgate and Legend Coin.

Out of the total supply, 5 million is dedicated to the token sale, with 1 million tokens set for bounties. It’s unclear where the remaining 14 million tokens are going – although like with Bitconnect, they’re likely in control of a small founding team. Steneum doesn’t seem to offer any products or services.

Steneum Reviews – So Far So Good

The company claims that they’ll publish this once the ICO is complete. Let’s take a closer look at how Steneum works to see if it’s a complete scam – or a legitimate business opportunity. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. All transactions that have been made are recorded and displayed in Blockchain. Although you can set your identity anonymously, all your transaction can still be monitored through Steneum Blockchain Explorer. Steneum is a coin I will personally be investing in.

These scams promise enormous returns for investors. Investors are lured in with stories from Bitconnect, which saw the price rise from $0.50 during the ICO to $300 today . Steneum is a bitcoin lending platform announced in late November 2017. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review. Steneum is a brand-new and exciting loaning platform that has popped up into the spce. We enjoy checking out and discovering these platforms due to the fact that they often bring new cool functions and ways for all of us to make money.

Because i believe the vietname market is so interest in lending ico . We believe that we can give an advantage to all our members around the world with the prepared concept we for a major change in the world cryptocurrencies. Early in the day on December 1, the website crashed.

Lets also assume the price 1 STN is equal to $1 USD. It’s set to go on the exchange and will be applying to Bittrex and Yobit soon after. The coin does not have a specific usage other than focusing on trading and profitability.

For individuals, Steneum can be traded on criptocurrency exchanges and you can store it in crypto savings accounts such as Aqru. Aqru is a simple application that helps you buy, invest and earn interest on your crypto assets. You can also check the Aqru review before selecting it as your savings account.. Obviously what I really like about this coin is the price.

Transfer fee can be removed until free, but to speed up transactions, you can set the cost in Steneum wallet as needed no matter how much coin is sent. The daily saving profit amount is able to change depends on the number of saving and volume market. At best, Steneum is an investment scheme that will take off like Regalcoin and Bitconnect.

There is a limited supply of coins, mining and staking. And when you get your capital back at the end of the loan it comes back as the coin rather than your fiat value like USD or EUR. So far I am a huge fan of everything Steneum is doing.

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